Best institute for Sql Server training course

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. It is the most widely used database language. It is used to store, update, delete and retrieve data. SQL Server is a Microsoft product and usually used with ASP.NET application. It is very powerful software and used in big and small application. It has large number of features like scheduling; Data Manipulation and even you can run your ASP.NET Code from SQL SERVER. Databases are the backend of an application without which one cannot imagine a dynamic website.

We at Yosharp makes the students learn the latest version of Sql Server, the contents for the Sql Server course includes

  • Overview of SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL language
  • Master writing simple and complex queries that retrieve data from the database
  • Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries (sum, min, max, avg, etc.)
  • Insert, update, and delete data
  • Retrieve data from tables
  • Joins
  • Sub-queries
  • Working with Data Types

  • Procedure and Functions
  • Understand the different Views
  • Working with Triggers
  • Design a database
  • Maintain databases, tables, and sequences with SQL statements
  • Create and manage views
  • Ensure the integrity of multiple, related database updates by using transactions
  • Retrieve data using cursors
  • Manage binary data using BLOBs